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Project Description
The extended Queryable Filter is a class that extend the Entity Framework Filter Feature.
Implementing new Expressions Trees, the user now can filter his collumn using 'Contains', 'Greater Than', 'Less Than' and others options.
This project also include some Filter controls files.

V1 - Da Experience -> Initial Release with Queryable filter for:
  • String ('Equals', 'Contains', 'Starts With', 'End With')
  • Int16, Int32, Int64, Float, Decimal, Double ('Equals', 'Greather Than', 'Greather Than Or Equal', 'Less Than', 'Less Than Or Equal')
  • Date and DateTime ('Equals', 'Greather Than', 'Greather Than Or Equal', 'Less Than', 'Less Than Or Equal')

V1.1 - First Look -> Release with some Filter Ascx Controls.

  • String Filter
  • Date Filter
  • Int32 Filter
V2 - The Improve -> Improved Release with all type filters sample and some Rich UI Filter Controls.
  • Implement Generic Filter Class
  • DateTime Filter
  • Int16 Filter
  • Int64 Filter
  • Decimal Filter
  • Double Filter
  • Float Filter
  • Setup AjaxControlToolkit Masks

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